ALERT : VLC Media Player Can Damage Your PC/Laptop…!!!


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Engineers Corner is Back with an Software Alert. It will Really Help You to protect your PC from being Damage. Do Read the Full Post Below :-

I’m Sure you heard about VLC Media Player, And many of you had this software to Play Your media Files, Nowadays everyone is using VLC Media Player, I can’t say all of them but Most of them do and why not as VLC Media Player Gives us all those features which no other Media Player Software can Give you.

VLC Media Player is used to run many media files like Mp4, 3gp, flv, mkv and much more. Its simple features with many extension attract its users to use the software. The Most Amazing fetaure which attract its user is its Sound which is just doubled than any other Media Player. But Do You Know the Fact Behind VLC Player? Is it Really a good player? Is it harmful for my PC? Here is the answer of all your Question-

Yes, VLC Media Player can Damage Your laptop. It can Damage Your Laptop Speakers, As VLC Media player has doubled the sound of any other media player that very sound can damage and kill your laptop Speakers. When You play any media and Set up your Sound by using CTRL + UP It gives you upto 400% Volume increment, In Normal the Highest Sound limit is 200% but VLC gives us upto 400% increment in Sound Quality which in result damages the laptop Speakers.
Laptop has Speakers of upto 4ohm which it could not handle the sound of upto 400% which VLC gives us, as laptops are Portable they are not used for a High Volume purpose.

#VLC Media Player not only damages your laptop/computers but also it hangs your laptop, When you will start playing any file you will find that You Laptop is  getting hanged and some errors are being shown in the Player and an unexpected shutdown take place, which you usually ignore.

What to do now?

  • You should Better Change Your Media Player and Use Windows Media Player and set as a default media Player. Windows media player is a best player to play any file and you won’t find any error or any issue by using that software
  • Even if you are using VLC then put your Sound Volume upto maximum upto 100% not more than that.

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  1. Yes,vlc gives more sound when compare to other media players. But I cannot agree with u..I think vlc is user friendly,other players don,t gives that type of features. So soo many peoples are used this..if any body face the problems like,my speaker was damaged…if any person says this show that otherwise I cann’t believe it..

    • Dear Vinod,
      Many People use VLC Media Player Because it Supports many Format of media files like .Mp4, .3gp, .flv, .mkv etc & many more features than Windows Media but on the other hand if you use it regularly then it may damage your speakers, as i said above don’t go beyond the sound limit if upper maximum sound limit is 200% then use till 100% in which you will be safe otherwise, you will face problem with VLC.

  2. PawanGood post but one shouldn’t dwell over his past, rhetar than learn from it. Hope you r having lessons of some debacles which could really have turned the course of ur life. Nyways, life’s long enough to give u another chance n short enough to make u repent ur another failure. Good luck bro !==============sent using mobile

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