Amazon to Buy BJ’s Wholesale Club ?


From the past few days, rumours are going about the Amazon acquisition of BJ’s wholesale Club, According to NY Post sources Amazon is in talks and may buy BJ’s Wholesale Club very soon. As we already know that BJ’s Wholesale club has 214 Clubs and 130 gas station nd it is spread in the northeast coast of United States. But is it true that Amazon to Buy BJ’s Wholesale club? Let’s find out.

BJ's Wholesale Club and Amazon

Six years back BJ’s Wholesale club, In 2011 BJ’s was acquired by two private equity firms, Leonard Green & Partners and CVC Capital Partners. But in 2014 BJ’s was fully bought by Leonard Green & Partners. BJ’s Wholesale club provides and special membership card and gives an offer to its members and gets a huge revenue from it as well whereas users get great discounts.

Amazon may be interested in buying BJ’s because of it’s expansion in a retail chain, Amazon newly launched ventures like Amazon Fresh and Amazon Go make it more important to acquire BJ’s wholesale Club to counter Walmart. If this acquisition happens then amazon may make a good grip on the retail chain of US for it’s Amazon Go launch.

Well, at this point of time neither BJ’s Wholesale Club nor Amazon released a statement on this rumoured acquisition. Let’s wait and watch.

Source – NY Post

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