Whoa! Now You will Get Free Drinking water in Cinema Halls, Multiplex


This is awesome & Good News for all Movie freaks & Cinemagoers. The Drinking Water which Costs Rs 15 to Rs 20 Outside in market that use to cost us Rs 50 and above in Cinema halls and all the multiplexes. The Move Lovers have no other option left to buy the expensive & costly Drinking water bottle of Rs 50 above in multiplexes. But Today we have a very good news for you. In this Regard the Consumer Court Panel Give instructions & directs all the Cinemas, Movie Theater Owners to provide free drinking water to Customers & stop selling Costly Water in Cinema Halls.

PVR-Water                                                        Pic Source: pkr

The NCDRC (National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission) Panel said that not everyone can afford such a costly drinking water inside the cinema hall. The Cinema Hall owner even don’t allow bottle inside the hall. Many People including Parents, Children come to watch Movies and they can’t be made to sit witout water for 3 hours long. we will Ensure that all the cinema halls will install a RO Purified Water Coolers with a water softener filter and no impurities to their customers or Cinemagoers.

Well, This points look promising and lets see when the Cinema Owners are going to implement the decision took by the Commission. If everything goes well the movie freaks will have a big relief.

Source: Hindustan Times

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