Delhi University Rolled Back FYUP, UGC Forced DU


After so much Protest & all Drama Delhi University (DU) is now finally rolled back FYUP i.e Four year Undergraduate Program. Delhi University Vice-Chancellor prof. Dinesh Singh said in the official Statement of Delhi University. UGC (University Grant Commission) which regulates all the university in india has forced Delhi University (DU) to roll Back FYUP Program from its Courses and get back to all the 3 year course Program. As Delhi University left the decision for UGC to make the final decision on fyup. Already the session is going late & admission process is to start soon after the final result on fyup. UGC & Du Officially announced that Honours Degree will be of  3 years only.

The HRD Minister of India Mrs. Smriti Irani also commented on the  scraping fyup in Delhi University, The official statement published on Smriti Irani official facebook Account.  She Stated ”  My statement reguarding DU (Delhi University) – I respect autonomy of Institutions however institutions were created to serve people of the Nation. Within ambit of law this is the time for statesmenship which leads to resolution. Don’t sacrifice interest of students at altar of prestige.” on social networking website.

Smriti Irani Statement on DU FYUP controversy

Today on 27th June 2014 the Vice Chancellor Prof. Dinesh Singh made an official statement regarding rolling back & scraping FYUP in his official letter. He said :-
“The University of Delhi recognize the need of the hour. it is of paramount inportance to protect the interest of students by ensuring the start of admission process.

In line with the directive of UGC the University has decided to roll back the FYUP.  Consequently the admission process shall be conducted under the scheme of courses that were in forces in the academic session 2012-13 in all the colleges of University of Delhi.

It is Expected that the principals of our colleges shall asist in devising and ensuring the speedy completion of admission process.”

The Official DU Statement letter is shown below.




Now the Question arises to all those students who had enrolled in the fyup program courses last year. What will happen to those students, As B.Tech Program is of 4 Year but B.Sc & other Courses are of 3 years but due to fyup some students are studying under FYUP. so, will the Students of last year FYUP will carry on the course? well lets see what gonna happen.

Well, DU Admission Procedure for this Academic Session 2014-15 is going to start soon. And after roll back of FYUP and scrappinf it the DU Cutoff list 2014 will come n the Next coming days.

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