Digital Tools for Teachers to Master


There are several digital instruments available. While many new tools are introduced and many more are removed, the major types of tools that are essential to be able to utilize in educational activity may be identified.


Even though a lot of people may consider them as cheating when students use them (which is not true, but that is not our topic today), teachers may actually benefit a lot from using these platforms. When you have to prepare loads of material and spend hours and hours of time getting all the necessary stuff done, you may become annoyed and exhausted really quickly. Thus, the quality of the material you are working on will decrease, too. This is why it is okay for teachers to use mentioned platforms for, for example, buying professional book reviews your class will work with on your lesson. This will have you prepared, and also will more carefully describe the plot you may have forgotten.


I believe you are aware of what it is. To complete the assignment, you must incorporate as much relevant multimedia into the lecture as feasible. The majority of pupils are more adept at grasping interactive information than they are at reading dry text published in a textbook.


Extensive and exceedingly long links to papers and presentations that must be supplied to students can be found on the internet. They must be decreased in number. I’m going to discuss a service that I personally use on a regular basis. is a site that you should remember and utilize. It may be used at any time and from any location. Its duty is to condense a long, unattractive connection into a short, appealing one.


Many of my former students are aware that I strongly endorse this service from the bottom of my heart. This tool for storing bookmarks is a true gem for any teacher’s library. If you haven’t already, sign up for the service, look for intriguing users and subscribe to them, and start building your collection of things you like. My dear colleagues, if you only go there once or twice a week during the summer (you can do it from your phone), browsing the collections of other teachers, by the end of August you will have gathered ideas and inspiration for carrying out projects and organizing interesting activities in your classroom.

Learn how to utilize these essential tools for math teachers. For any mathematics instructor, it is simply impossible to function in the classroom without the ability to utilize these tools in the course of teaching mathematics students. There isn’t much further to say about this.


Because I am using a Mac computer, I snap screenshots by using the keys cmd + shift + 4. You may use the built-in Snipping Tool on Windows, or you can download and install Jing or Joxi on your PC.


LearningApps. No matter what course you are doing, you will not be able to get anywhere without this service. I talk about it all the time and wherever I go. Technically, it is simple enough to learn and master (according to the tutorials, this can be done in a few minutes). From a pedagogical standpoint, it is critical to understand how to use it effectively and efficiently.

Kubbu. This is a platform for creating your own classes or searching for already made ones. However, I do not use this site to make my own study materials because I dislike the interface, but rather to get something ready to use when I need it quickly. You have the ability to do the same.

Quizlet. Preparing for your classes, or even for exams and exams, is not the most enjoyable part of your day, especially when you have a lot of other things to deal with. You may simplify your learning experience in a variety of techniques that are centuries old, yet doing so can make learning more uninteresting. Quizlet, on the other hand, significantly simplifies the learning process. Quizlet is a free tool that helps you to effortlessly recall any information by presenting it to you in the form of flashcards, which you can then review. All that is required is that you locate the information you require in the database or create your own materials, including your own media flashcards (images and audio), and then begin doing the exercises to help you memorize the information. In order to log into the system, you must have a Facebook or Google account. In addition, you may share links to your cards with your partners, allowing you to build and utilize them to learn together as a group.

Google Workspace. Google Workspace is a suite of software that is highly comfortable to use and that greatly simplifies the working and educational processes.

  1. Google Drive. To be clear, Google Disc on its own is an entirely free service that allows you to save an enormous number of documents in a single location and quickly share them with colleagues or other users. There are no prerequisites for using it other than a device of any type that is linked to the Internet. Furthermore, by simply turning on the off-line option, you will be able to see your saved documents even if you do not have an Internet connection. Just make sure you keep track of your login and password information.

It is possible to organize all of the documents on the disc into different folders. Teachers, for example, can organize their teaching materials by topic, grade, or even by the names of specific students in their classes. At the same time, you may access your Google Disc from any device as long as it is connected to the Internet and has a login and password associated with it. You will be able to complete and submit your homework and other assignments, and your lecturers will be able to see them.

  • Google Doc. Google Doc is a similar application to Microsoft Word, but it allows you to collaborate with some of your colleagues on the same document at the same time online using Google Doc. Create test items in a document, allow the student access to it, and immediately check at his answers while explaining tough areas, as an example: Because the interface is extremely similar to that of Microsoft Word, it will be very simple for you to become accustomed to this service.


Edmodo. It’s called Edmodo, and it’s a digital platform enabling instructors, colleges, and high schools to connect, collaborate, and learn. Using this web-based tool, instructors and students may follow their progress away from class. It’s also beneficial for group projects. Students, coworkers, and parents may all communicate with one another via the Edmodo network, which makes it easy for teachers to exchange resources. The system is geared for teachers: children and their guardians can only join Edmodo with a teacher’s permission.

The student planner and discussion thread help students and parents keep on top of classwork and other important information. If your lecturer wants to assign anything to you, he or she can post a prep question or make a short poll to gauge your comprehension of the subject. Also, he (or she) can construct a test that you can use to save time, or you can let the software grade some or all of you automatically. Your instructor may collect, grade, and return your work to you online, just like they would in a traditional classroom.


This school year has taught us that when it comes to using technology in the classroom, quality always wins out over quantity. No question, the educational system has undergone significant transformations as a result of the rapid growth of technology and the availability of the Internet. Several parents, students, and teachers are looking forward to utilizing less technology in the next year after a year of entirely virtual education this past year.

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