Google AdSense matched content units will only show ads starting 1st March 2022


Google AdSense matched content is getting shutdown in March 2022 and will be converted auto ads, The matched content was launched in 2015 to show the website relevant content to engage more users on the website but starting 1st March 2022, Matched content units will only show ads, and be renamed to “Multiplex ads”. as announced by Google adsense team in an email to adsense publishers.

Google stated that “we originally launched Matched content as a recommendation service to help you promote your content to your site’s visitors. It also came with the option to show ads alongside the links to your content.

Due to decreasing usage of the content promotion service, and positive customer feedback and performance results from an ads-only Matched content ad format, we’ve decided to turn down the content promotion service and convert all existing Matched content units to only show ads. This also applies to Matched content units that have the “Monetize with Ads” option turned off.

What to do next?

You don’t need to do anything if you’re happy for all of your Matched content units to only show ads starting 1st March 2022. Otherwise you need to remove the Matched content code from your pages before this change happens.

Other changes in AdSense matched content:

Alongside the format change, we’re making the following changes:

  • Rebranding Matched content to “Multiplex ads”, to align with the ad format that’s available on Google Ad Manager
  • Removing the eligibility restrictions that currently apply to Matched content. The new format will be available to all AdSense publishers
  • Removing the Sites > Matched content page from the AdSense interface
  • Updating the Matched content unit editor to show the new ads-only format
  • (Lab participants only) Turning off the ads-only Matched content AdSense Lab and marking it as retired.

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