Elrhino makes Paper by using dung


A Startup by a Dad & his daughter who live in Assam started a company in the year 2012 and setup by investing a total of 30 Lac Rupees. Yeah “Elrhino” A Paper making Company Name born from the two words, Elephant & Rhinoceros. But do you know why the name kept from Elephant & Rhino & How they use to make paper? You’ll be shocked & amazed to know that the company uses the waste dungs of Elephant & Rhino for making Papers.

In an Interview Mahesh Bora the Co-Founder of Elrhino said that we are just not making papers but we also giving employment to the people of Assam and making Business development in Assam. The papers are made by the dungs of Elephant & Rhino. He said that we easily find the Raw materials to make paper the only hard work is used in by making Paper. first we heat the dungs and make them separate and then pass it to the various assembly & then some Cottons are also added to the obtained solution

The Co-Founder of Elrhino Mahesh Bora look after the Technology & Innovation department whereas his daughter look for the Business head, Marketing, Editing etc.  This is one of the great Initiative to make papers by using dungs of Elephant & Rhino. And now they become one of the Successful Entrepreneur.





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