Engineering Service Exam Important Notice 2014


This is the Notification & should be taken as an Important Notice from UPSC that the Engineering Service Examination,2014 which was due to be notified on 15 March, 2014 will now be Notified on 22 March, 2014. But The Dates of the Engineering Service Exam, 2014 will be Remain unchanged. i.e 20th June,2014.

This Exam is Popularly known as Indian Engineering Services ( IES ) 2014. The Indian Engineering Services Exam 2014 will now be notified on 22 March,2014

This is to inform all the candidates to make this Important Notice in your Mind & also Share their view with your friends & Social media. The Next Notification date for the exam will be now 22 March,2014.

If you have still any doubt let us know CLICK HERE for the Official News link.

-Team Engineers Corner

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