Facebook Introduces Auto-Play Videos in Newsfeed


The Social Networking giant Facebook now Introduces Auto-Play videos in Newsfeed. Along with the auto-play videos Facebook also launched 360 degree video. Now, when a user logon to Facebook he/she will be able to see auto play videos in their news feed. However there will be option for a user to turn it OFF/ON in Facebook settings. The same goes to Facebook app also. In facebook app also you will see auto play videos. when the auto play video start playing on web or app the sound will be turned off. you need to turn sound on in video in order to listen and watch the videos if it has sound.

facebook video auto play

Facebook will also inform the user about this new feature of auto play videos and 360 degree video. The first 360 degree videos was uploaded by Star Wars on Facebook. Videos Now Play automatically. autoplay is now turned on when you use facebook on the web. you can choose if videos autoplay in your settings as shown above.


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