Saudi Arabia advertises Job Openings for 8 new executioners


Some of the countries around the world are just different from others their rules, law & order everything is just disgusting. They seems like there is nothing like humanity in the world. The latest news is from Saudi Arabia. we all know that the saudi arabia is so strict about their laws & punishment as it is an Islamic state. Recently according to The Guardian, The Saudi Arabia Government advertises for 8 new executioners as beheading rate soars. The Saudi Arabia Government advertise for new job openings as executioners and a total of 8 openings are their with a fine government pay scale.

The Eligibility for this job doesn’t need any particular qualification and any one from around the world can apply for this job. So, if you are interested in this job you can visit the Saudi Arabia government official website and visit the advertisement page of job openings hiring 8 new beheading executioners. Saudi Arabia govt advertises this on website and on newspaper a well.

Saudi beheading executioners

The Saudi Arabia Govt is looking for executioners because of due to increase in death sentence and crucifixion in the country. Saudi Arabia has half executioners from their country itself & half of the executioners comes from other parts of country like Yemen, syria, india, pakistan, burma etc.

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