Facebook was down for 40 Minute, Why?


Worlds biggest Online Social Networking Site www.Facebook.com was down. Yes, it was not only you who faced this issue. Across the globe billions of user faced the issue while surfing their Facebook page/Profile. The Facebook was down for 40 Minutes without informing their users about the region behind it. The users of Facebook were getting the below issue i.e a link shown in image below.


When facebook users tried to open their facebook page a page comes up which says “Sorry. Something went wrong.
We’re working on getting this fixed as soon as we can.”

Facebook was down on 19th June 2014 and people across the world started using fun, pranks on Twitter about facebook and also on facebook when it comes to work. They started saying funny slogans, funny messages &status update on facebook as well as twitter.

Why Facebook was Down?
Well, yet no official statement comes from Facebook Inc. But facebook was doing maintenance of the website without informing the users which took 40 minutes. It would be also because recently facebook made changes to its privacy policy to make the advertising & Marketing of Facebook as more targeted to users. Facebook also going to track its all users information while he/she is logged in on internet to make Facebook ads & newsfeed better and what or according to the user need.

Well, we wonder if facebook will be down for 1 Day what will happen to the world? People are getting crazy for even if facebook is down for 1 minute.

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