Register for Learn with Google- Search & Ads Event July 2014


Google India is once again organizing an event for Webmasters & Advertisers which is named as Learn with Google – Search & Ads Event. This is a 2- Day Conference in which first day will be dedicated to the webmasters in which the Google Experts will help the webmasters to learn the Google Search, SERP & SEO  Techniques. They will Learn how they can get better results in google search & get Organic Traffic from google. They will learn about SEO & Webmaster Technique to get more search visibility in google of their website.

In the very second day the All the Advertisers will learn about various Techniques of Advertising that is why this day is known as Ads Day. On this Day advertisers will learn about Marketing, Re-marketing, Google adwords, PLA, CPA & Integrated marketing which help the advertisers to grow their business even more. This Event will also help them to reboost their business.

So, If you are intrested  to be the Part of the entire Amazing Event Hosted by Google You can Register Below from the Below form link. Please note this is an invite only Event, The invitation will be sent you by Google which is on first come first serve basis because there is very limited slots/seats available. Just Enter your name, Company Name, Website,Your email, Location & Day and if you have any reference code then please enter the same otherwise you may leave that.

CLICK HERE TO REGISTER FOR  Learn with Google- Search & Ads Event July 2014

The Location, Day & Full Schedule of the Google Event is a s follows:

  • Mumbai – 10th July, Ads Day
  • Mumbai – 11th July, Search Day
  • Bangalore – 3rd July, Ads Day
  • Bangalore – 4th July, Search Day

The Event is only Held at Mumbai & Bangalore,  No event is to be held in New Delhi. The Event is organized by Google India.




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