Find Missing Person in Uttrakhand By Google Person Finder

Once again Google Stands for The People missing in the natural disaster at Uttrakhand including kedarnath. and help them, They made a tool to find a people missing in uttrakhand or a user also can register a name if they know someone is missing and trying to help someone.
This is not for the first time Google try to helps technically on world level to help the victims, either it’s a disaster or a Delhi gang-rape case to Help them Out.

Google Developers made a tool ” Google Person Finder – 2013 Uttrakhand Flood” there is given an option for the same if you are finding someone Click on ” I’m looking for Someone” or if you have any information about any person give the information at “I have information about someone” and that’s it.

The Initiative by Google is Great to help the Missing Persons in Uttrakhand Technically..!!!

Click Here to Go To Google Person Finder- 2013 Uttrakhand Floods

Find Missing People and Give information about Someone Below:

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