Don’t Track Your Own Pageviews in Blogger for better SEO and Ranking

Hello, In This Post we give a short but an awesome tutorial on Blogger. This will Help you For Better SEO of your Blog. Today we will tell you that you should not track your own pageviews on blogger.

What Happens Actually is When you Post a Blog on Blogger or whenever you login on Blogger you yourself use to view your pagesviews many times as 25 pageviews or 35 Pageviews a Day. Each Day you yourself keep on viewing many-times your website to check and see your Website/Blog. But if You won’t track your own pageviews it will help your website or Blog for better SEO and ranking of the blog, as well as for any small business SEO organic improvement.

How to Set to not track your own Pageviews

It is mandatory for a blogger to better don’t track their own blog pageviews for better SEO and ranking but how to set these Settings we are giving you a simple tutorial to don’t track your own pageviews
Look below the Pic what you have to do
  • First go to your Blogger Dashboard >> The Go to Stats >> and Then Click on Overview
  • Then Look at the Side view Pageviews and Click on “Don’t track your own pageviews”
  • After you Click on the “Don’t track your own pageviews” as Shown in above Picture.

You will find an pop-up as shown below and then Click on “Don’t track my pageviews” as shown in the pic below “Select This” and than Click on “Save”.

That’s it what you have to do.
Congratulation you saved your Settings..!!! Done
# Now After you save your settings You can check by Viewing your pageviews and can check your Counter whether it counts your pageviews or not.  
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