(Fixed) How to Fix 1/1/1970 Bricked Apple iPhone Setting


Don’t fall into the trap of setting your Apple iPhone to 1/1/1970 that is 1st January 1970 because doing so may crash your iPhone and you may face a significant problem. Rumor is spread across the social media, the internet that just set your iPhone device to 1/1/1970 Date and see the Magic as it will give you an old Classic Macintosh theme. Many People are setting up their Phone Date on 1/1/1970 and after rebooting the iPhone their devices get permanently crashed, and it get stuck in the Apple logo while restarting the phone. Engineers Corner has came across this bug and found that many people are suffering from this issue and their iPhone is gets bricked.

We were searching online for the solution to this problem a found an awesome video by which you can do it by yourself by using some simple tools like a screwdriver and a clipper. Here is the video to fix 1/1/1970 Bricked Apple iPhone Setting.

if your iPhone is in warranty then visit the nearest Apple Service Centre and don’t do it for yourself. Yes, Changing the Battery of your iPhone will fix the 1/1/1970 problem. Well, this 1/1/1970 Date setting iPhone Crash problem is only coming in iPhone 6 and iOS 8 or update iPhones. Apple also acknowledged the issue and said they will soon release a system update to fix this issue and they are working on it.

Source: Apple Support

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