How to use Multiple account feature in Instagram for Business & Individuals


Instagram recently rolled out Multiple account feature which gives user a power to add more than one instagram account in one app. Many users who are having mor ethan one account or have business instagram account they were eagerly waiting for this update and finally Instagram rolled out all over the world this week. Instagram has now more than 400 million users across the globe and the number is increasing day by day. The Photo & Video Sharing Platform Instagram is also a product of Facebook.

This updtae will be really helpful for many people from business to individuals, many people have additional instagram account and most of them have business page account on instagram for ehich they need to logout from the app and then log In to use the business account but now with this awesome update now you can easily add multiple accounts to your Instagram app. Instagram Team was working hard to bring out this update from a very long time and still reserching developing to get best user expierience.

Checkout the below Complete details and tutorial on How to use multiple accounts in Instagram below (with Pictures):-

How to add and use Multiple account in Instagram:

First of all login to your any of one account and when you successfully logged in go to your profile, you will se 3 vertical dots at the top right corner of the Instagram app. Now, Click/touch on that Button, Now you have a list of Options of your profile as shown below in pictures. Now, at the bottom Click on Add Account as shown in the picture by arrow.

Instagram (1)


After you Click on Add Account in Instagram app, a new Login window will open where you need to enetr the Login details of your another account or business page/account on instagram with correct username & password. After entering all the details carefully click on Log In button.

Instagram (2)


Now, the moment you logged in your another account will open and gives you acces to your both the accounts. As you can see i just logged to my Engineers Corner account by following the same steps given above. you can confirm this by checking the picture of your both account picture in profile button area.


Instagram (3)


How to Swap, Switch & Change Multiple accounts in Instagram.

To do so, you need to head to your Profile area and click on the top panel of instagram app where you can get the list of accounts added in this instagram app and you can easily Swap, Switch and change your accounts from the top button.

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