Google Assistant now Supports ‘Hey Google’ hotword


Google is rolling out a new update to its Assistant with a new hotword ‘Hey Google’s. Google first started rolling out this update to its beta app users and later on for everyone across the world. Google Assistant will now support ‘Hey Google’s hotword along with the ‘Ok Google’

After updating the Google App or the Google Assistant app users will get an app app notification saying ‘Hey Google’ now available, Train your assistant to get started.

After this you will be redirected to a page “Access your Assistant with Voice Match” and you will be required to train your Google Assistant with your voice 4 times with both hit word ‘Hey Google'” and “Ok Google”.

Hey Google

After updating your Google Assistant you can now say Hey Google phrase to get started. From a couple of months back Google was working on this to support both the phrases and many people do love to call Hey Google to their Assistant and now finally it’s here.

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