Google Doodle Celebrates India’s Independence Day with Dandi March


Google Doodle Celebrates India’s Independence day by Remembering Dandi March also known as Salt March by Mahatma Gandhi. Google Marks 69th India Independence Day by showing Gandhi Dandi March Doodle on the Home Page of Google India Search Engine. Google Doodle shows “Remembering the Dandi March on India’s 69th Independence Day”. 15th August is the Day when India got Freedom by Britsh Rule & the Whole India is Celebrating the same being a Proud Indian.


Google Doodle 15th august


Gandhi started the Dandi March on March 12, 1930 to protest against the tax resistance and the British salt monopoly in colonial India. Gandhi started the dandi march in Ahmedabad and end it to dandi by 24 day Walk. Google Always make doodle for every event or festival.

Engineers Corner also wishes you a very Happy Independence Day

|| Jai Hind ||

Engineers Corner Independence Day

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