Google News gets a revamp for comfortable reading and browsing.


Google News just got the revamp and redesigned with some new user interface and features, Google News more accessible, easier to navigate, diverse perspectives, and more control for users. The new Google News desktop website has clean UI with an uncluttered look and comfortable reading.

The New Design has s Story Cards, Fact Check, full Coverage and videos story telling news to give you best user experience. Google News was announced in 2002 and the journey still continues because now the user depends on the real news in real time on the go.  You can visit to have a look

Google News Redesigned

So, Now both the mobile version and desktop version has all new Google news website with new functionalities and features. so, now your favorite news website is easier to navigate with clean UI. Users have full control to customize their own news feed like selecting country, news section, types etc.

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Source – Google News

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