Google offers Free Android and Kotlin Courses for Beginners with no Experience


Google is offering a free course on Android and Kotlin from scratch very basics with no experience. Google is announcing a new online course for beginners without programming experience, focused on the basics of building Android apps with Kotlin. This is 11 weeks of Android training for beginners. This free android course by google teaches Kotlin, a modern programming language that developers love because of its conciseness and how it increases productivity.

As per google’s Android Developer blog, Kotlin is quickly gaining momentum in the industry. Over a single year from 2018 – 2019, Indeed Hiring Lab found a 76% increase in Kotlin jobs which is the new programming language of Android. 

Google Android Kotlin Free Course

To fabricate your certainty, the Android Basics in Kotlin course offers step by step instructions on the most proficient method to utilize Android Studio to construct applications, just as how to run them on an Android gadget (or virtual gadget). The objective is to open you to the apparatuses and assets that proficient Android engineers use. With hands-on training, you get familiar with the essentials of programming. Before the finish of the course, you will have finished an assortment of Android applications to begin building a portfolio.

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if you are really looking for making your career or interested in building developing android apps for 2 billion people in android development, do join this course for free and enrol yourself for the android kotlin programming language course

Source – Google Android Developer Blog

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