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Android is the mostly used operating system in mobile devices. Android has changed the lifestyle of millions of people. Initially Android was used to create mobile software and it was in financial crisis. But, Android is being developed more and much better and creates it demand among people. Andy Rubin is the person who initiated Android. He loves to create new things and writing innovative codes and making robots. With this unique hobby, this person started his career in Silicon Valley. And now Android is playing best in the mobile market. Now the latest version of android is Marshmallow which is more reliable, smoother and faster.

version of android

What is Android:

Android is an operating system which is massively used in smartphones and tablets. This operating system is being developed by Google. The Android operating system works on the basis of Linux Kernel with user interface. With this operating system, user can easily customize their devices in many ways.

This operating system is initially designed not mobile devices. It was for smart cameras. But, developers changed their plan and we are now using it in smartphones. Now, many reputed mobile manufacturer company are using android operating system for their devices.


Versions Of Android:

With the development of this system, different version of android has been released by the developers. And each of those versions is named in code name. Basically, those code names are of different types of foods. All version details are given in below table.

Android VersionCode NameDate
1.023rd September, 2008
1.19th February, 2009
1.5Cupcake30th April, 2009
1.6Donut15th September, 2009
2.0-2.1Eclair26th October, 2009
2.2Froyo20th May, 2010
2.3-2.3.7Gingerbread6th December, 2010
3.0-3.2.6Honeycomb22nd February,2011
4.0-.4.0.4Ice Cream Sandwich19th October, 2011
4.1-4.3.1Jelly Bean9th July, 2012
4.4-4.4.4Kitkat31st October, 2013
5.0-5.1.1Lollipop12th November, 2014
6.0-6.0.1Marshmallow5th October, 2015

Lifeline of android

  • The latest version of Android will be named with N alphabet. It is in developer preview mode. It is now only available on Google Nexus devices on beta version request.

Progress of Android Operating System:

Features of Cupcake Version:

  • It supports on-screen keyboard.
  • Video can be recorded in MPEG4 and 3GP formats.
  • Copy and Paste feature included in browser.

Features of Donut Version:

  • Camera and photo gallery interface improved.
  • Quick search box added.
  • Wi-Fi security enhanced.

Features of Eclair Version:

  • Google map navigation enhanced sensitivity.
  • Bluetooth version 2.1 upgraded.
  • Homescreen customization added.
  • Speech to Text action included.

Features of Froyo Version:

  • Voice action improved.
  • Portable Hotspot added.
  • Support for installing app on memory card.
  • Java script performance improved.
  • Display pixel quality enhanced.

Features of Gingerbread Version:

  • Gaming API with 3D graphics added.
  • Support for NFC (Near Field Communication) to transmit data.
  • Gyroscope with motion control enabled.
  • Copy and Paste action improved a lot.
  • Virtual keyboard performance improved.
  • Battery Management service included.

Features of Honeycomb Version:

  • New System bar enabled.
  • Quick setting option included.
  • Browser performance improved.

Features of Ice Cream Sandwich Version:

  • App folder and favourite’s tray added.
  • Data usage control.
  • Android Beam for NFC included for performing faster.
  • Error correction on the keyboard improved.

Features of Jelly Bean Version:

  • Google Now service added.
  • Support multichannel audio.
  • Notification action added.
  • Multiple user experience in one device.

Features of Kitkat Version:

  • ‘Ok Google’ without touch added.
  • Dialling screen enhanced.
  • Multitasking service improved.
  • Immersive mode added.
  • Integration of cloud storage.
  • Sensor performance enhanced.

Features of Lolipop Version:

  • Multiscreen function added.
  • Lock screen notification enabled.
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth control improved.
  • Material design enhanced.
  • Smart lock function included.
  • Device protection improved.

Features of Marshmallow Version:

  • Support USB type-C
  • Now On Tap function added.
  • Permission for each action of every app.
  • System UI Tuner added.
  • Support memory card as permanent storage.
  • Battery Optimization Doze mode included.
  • Copy & Paste function improved.



Android N Proposed Features:

The coming android version 7.0 will be Android N which is in developer mode now. It is said that security features will be enhanced a lot. And App installation will be faster more than 75%. The size of compiled code will be reduced by 50%. There will be more improvement in multitasking and dark theme will be still available on 7.0 versions. There will also many patch updates like marshmallow in Android N.

Android N 7.0

Thus android is increasing its feature and catching a huge demand in the mobile market. In India 70% of the total mobile users are using Android enabled smartphones. So, Android is leading in mobile platform.

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