Google Palestine Website got Hacked.

Yes, You read it Right Google Palestine Website got hacked one of the Hacker Hacked the whole Website of Google Palestine.  Google knows to be biggest website of the world. Google is always on the top in internet ranking and is also No. 1 in Alexa Ranking. Google Security Must be The Best of best to Secure the Site and also to secure one’s information and its Piracy. but This Google is Failed The website og palestine Google is hacked by Cold z3ro – Haml3t – Sas – Dr@g.

The hacker  Cold z3ro – Haml3t – Sas – Dr@g Written Something on the website after google was Hacked. The hacker wrote “No News Is a Good News” There is also written on the website somethng like this :-

uncle google we say hi from palestine to remember you that the country in google map not called israel. its called Palestine # Question : what would happens if we changed the country title of Isreal to Palestine in google maps !!! it would be revolution .. So Listen to rihanna and be cool 😛 Shots: HackTeach Lover’s | Dod, Hij@ker, alzher, Mr_AnarShi-T, toxico-dz

You can Check the Google Palestine hacked website Here : Google Palestine

This is the Biggest Mistake ever by Google. Engineers Corner wants to remind you that Palestine is the same Place from where a White hacker Named Khalil Hacked the Mark Zuckerberg Account on facebook. He hacked Mark ZuckerBerg Founder of facebook Timeline.
Here is the Screen Shot of hacked Google Palestine Site.
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