How to be a Good Engineer while still in college


Even when presently every second person is an Engineer in the world, the demands of engineers and the course have not reduced or even seem to lower in the coming future. This has kept the engineering colleges in India going forever. Another thing that has kept the engineers in trends in a country like India is the fact that even in the year of 2014, half of the population either wants self or for their children to be a doctor or engineer. However, the thing that cannot be ignored that India is slowly coming out of the league of good engineers. The fact can be attributed to popularity of MBA, other lucrative courses. But, if you are one of those who wants to make it big in the engineering industry, this article is for you.

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Engineering is the one thing that continues to be in fashion since forever now. The number of engineers India witnesses every year is pretty high. However, the abundance of engineering colleges promising a job has led to a downfall in good engineering universities in India.

If you manage to get into a good engineering college and are determined that you will continue to be in the field of engineering forever, and then you will need to make some serious efforts apart from attending classes every day. Considering the number of people who enroll themselves into engineering, the need to come out as a quality engineer is very crucial and difficult at the same time. However, you can make it easier if you try to do these extra things apart from paying attention in class.

Tips on how to become an engineer while studying

The large numbers of colleges that provide engineering courses have reduced the quality of the course and the graduates, restricting good engineering colleges in India to only a few. Thus, in order to be different from the average crowd, you will need to perform better than the rest of the lot, and become an engineer during your 4 years of engineering course itself. It can be only done when you do something extra in terms of effort. Here are a few things that you can do to graduate as a quality engineer.

Things you can do to achieve this are:

  1. Be updated

Have information of everything happening in the industry. Keep up with the latest trends of engineering in the world. Along with having quality information of your selected field, know about other fields too.

  1. Keep concepts clear

Keep all your basic engineering concepts clear at all times. Know that when you start your life as a designated engineer, these concepts will come in very handy.

  1. Network

Make and maintain network with the engineering professionals around the world. They will not only keep you updated of what is happening in the industry, but also will keep updating you of the various job openings and what skills you need to have to bag a good engineering job once your 4 years course to make you a professional engineer finishes.

Network engineer

  1. Take part in contests

Participate in various inter or intra college contests related to your field. The chance of some engineering professional coming as a judge is pretty high.

  1. Develop and Brush your skills

Practice and brush up your analytical, logical skills as you would need them in great extent when you will start solving difficult engineering problems. Choose projects that ask for team work, as group skills are very important to perform effectively in job. Try to learn and practice all these during your engineering course itself.

Hopefully these 5 tips will help you graduate as a quality engineer, who knows what is supposed to be done according to the industry trends. However, there is no shortcut to hard work, for you to become an engineer while still in a renowned engineering college of India; you will have to be clear of the concept plus the industry trends.

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