Mobile v/s Desktop – Which platform is the best for E-commerce App


Mobile v/s Desktop

The Development in the field of Technology is Growing Day by Day & so is the Technology revolution in Mobile Phone. Lets come to the Topic straight, If we talk about Desktop Computers we use laptop/PC for very small amount of time & you know why. The reason is your Mobile Phone. Nowadays Smartphone are Coming with some great technology at a very good price with some awesome features. Mobile Phones are becoming a part of our life where as desktop is not because you cannot carry Laptop/PC every time on your pocket or while travelling just like Mobile Phone. Laptop/PC are not Portable & that easy to use like what mobile phone is.

Today is the world every Online Business, Services is coming to our Mobile Phones. The Companies are now targeting users Mobile Phone rather then desktops. As nowadays people use smartphones everytime. If we take an average right now most of the people basically in the urban area are having Mobile Phones. They want all the online Services on their fingertips. They don’t prefer to open a laptop or to carry it every time. As Smartphones have all the facilities what desktop has. We are having many onlin e services in the form of apps & mobile websites & other features for the ease of user daily life.

Mobile vs desktop

Lets take an example of online  It is a Indian e-commerce company of fashion and casual lifestyle products. Now the user of Myntra or other people also want to shop Online without any hassle or going outside here & there or open a laptop. The User just want to Shop Online right from their Mobile Phones on their finger tip. That’s why the online e-commerce company comes with Responsive Mobile Website after that they came with more optimized & awesome looks & update on Android app, iOS app & Windows app. So, That people can shop on myntra just from a single click on their app.

In the recent news we also heard that e-commerce company Myntra is shutting down their desktop website & focus on their Mobile app. Because they know everyone & their focused customers are having a Mobile phone & they will shop from their mobile because it is very easy to shop on mobile without any problem on a single click & payment. By Revolution in Mobile Phones very less people are using desktop they use it just for their official work. Nowadays without mobile Phone We feel that we don’t have to do any work.

Mobile Phones now play a very crucial role in our daily life from taking selfies, chatting, Online Shopping on Myntra, News, Documents, Maps etc. Everything the whole world is on our hand & we can do all we want to do in our day today life.

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