How to learn any technology inside out?


Technology has pierced our lives far beyond our supposition; it is not an overstatement if said that technology rules our day to day life.  This means that whatever we do after waking up in the morning to getting back to the bed at night and wherever we live we are collaborating ourselves with technology. So it has now become essential to learn the nits and grits of technology to preserve vying edge. It is although the much more important for whiz kids to stay shoulder to shoulder with up to the minute technology.  Following are few realistic steps to learn technology

Information Gathering

Before you start to learn any technology try to understand how learning that particular technology will be valuable. The more you know about a technology, the more you will be able to codify your reach in learning that technology. You can matriculate about the pragmatic application of the technology. For example if you are a business owner and you wish to learn Big Data, firstly you should learn about the advantages of Big Data for your business.

Learn the fundamentals

Any technology has a bit of vital fundamentals and concepts which it works upon.  We now and then have a tendency to neglect the theory and basic concepts analogous to any technology. The fact is that once you are savvy with basic concepts of the technology you can establish skills much more easily than when you are working with a hit and try approach.  Once you grasp the basics of a specific technology you can very well apply the same fundamentals in all related technology.  So before you  move ahead with the technology, make sure you are familiar with its substructure.

Enroll in a course

You can either take classes for learning where a well reversed tutor will teach any technology or you can learn from the online courses.  The online courses are handy and are self paced and easy to understand. They help you to learn technology from inside out. The online produced courses are from professionals and industry experts who have worked on the technology for a long period of time. The online course can surely assist and allow you to learn on your own pace and at your own time and are free of cost.


For prospering proficiency in any area of activity, practice is really essential. There is no better method to learn than from your own mistakes. If you are intellectualizing a programming language than you can learn to prepare short codes and run them and then slowly pace towards the bigger ones. You can examine your abilities by practicing the technology. There are no shortcuts to learn anything new, you have to allocate your time and efforts.

Join an online forum

By connecting to the online discussion forums for separate hi techs you will be able to connect with compeers who are either learning the technology or expertizing with it. You can ask for queries and can ask for guidance from people who are already experts in that technology. This backing group would be very beneficial as you can ask them about any entanglement you have while learning the technology and get practical tips.  You can also get resources and tools from the online convention which will help you learn the technology better.

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Priyanka Raj is a Engineering student from KIIT University, follows passion of writing on different techy stuff. currently intern at Engineers Corner


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