Is the life we are living a dream, an imagination or reality ?


Is the life we are living a dream, an imagination or reality? Have you ever been stuck by this question? Have you ever had an experience of realizing the fascinating outlook that we have towards the simple customs and subtle emotions of our daily lives through the questions that pop up in our head at times? Today’s formal education is not able to keep this joy of wondering about life, alive within the children.

Education is meant to enlarge the horizons of perception that will make our life but these days it’s becoming a sheer practice of recollecting information to earn the life. Though present day education is making us more determined it is failing to instill many other important attributes to lead a proper life.

Similar is the state of engineering education where we are lacking in effective engineering.

Engineers to serve their purpose need a good understanding of organizations and people without which engineering results in high costs and poor services.The current challenges we are facing with respect to the effective engineering is that our engineering curriculum stresses on theoretical knowledge sans hands-on experience. The projects assigned don’t demand insightful thinking or encourage innovative endeavors. And finally, it is crippled by a lack of soft skills training required to work in synergy with a team.

To get a better understanding of all these getting into internships would be of a great help in experiencing the society and the market for and in which you have to work.

This winter vacation spend your time in a best way by working as an intern in the companies you want to expand your career in.

About The Author:-

Hello, I am Pranitha Gajjala, from Hyderabad pursuing my 3rd year in the stream of mechanical engineering. I am enthusiastic to work for an organization that’s purpose is to reach people because of which I have worked with an NGO in supporting an under privileged school by means of educating, grooming kids etc. Due to my academic constraints I am not able to continue that and I wanted to make best out of my time and at the same time work on my interest of reaching people through writing. Hence, this internship at Engineers Corner


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