HRD Ministry is working on Aptitude Test for School Students


The Human Resource Development (HRD) Ministry is currently working on Aptitude Test for school students across the country to know the interest and choice of the subjects of the students so that they can make a good career choice for them in future. Narendra Modi already initiated this step on 5th September saying that “we must have an aptitude test for students which can easily help them to know in which field they can work better and what they like the most.

Aptitude test for school students

According to the sources, the HRD ministry has made a group of Expert Team from CBSE & NCERT to work on the aptitude test like this, and it will be applied very soon to the schools in India. The team of CBSE & NCERT experts is working and at first, they will apply to some schools and after getting the feedback, they will go to the state schools.

HRD is also planning to award a certificate to the students for giving the aptitude test. The Aptitude Test will be for Class 9th so that they can choose their field of their choice and know about themselves better. This is a great Step towards Acche Din for students.


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