Pre-Placement Grooming Required for Engineering Students


To fill the blanks between the engineering academics and corporate world Pre-Placement grooming are very necessary to the budding Engineers. Because the recently graduate engineering students are not aware of the problems and solutions of the industries and corporate world. Moreover, most of the engineering students studying in UG do not have the proper knowledge and skills for facing the interviews. Therefore, the budding Engineers need to have grooming and personality development classes to design their successful carriers without any failures.

In present situations, the job markets for Fresher Engineers are very competitive in each field of engineering. As a result, the companies are hiring the Freshers having well technical knowledge with enough smart and well groomed. So, the engineering students should have those special skills besides strong technical expertise to crack the jobs. Nowadays, most of the shining engineering colleges are organising the grooming and personality development classes for their final year students. These classes are taken by the trained professional experts across the country. In some cases, the HR of the company takes those classes to shape the engineering students according to their corporate world. The students having those classes will crack the campus recruitment easily. These classes firstly focus on the development of attitude, communication skills, soft skills, body language and eye contacts of the students.

Pre-Placement Grooming Required for Engineering Students

Then, those classes try to reduce afraid and nervousness of facing interviews. They will bring the confidence of the students by performing many mock interviews in the classes. They will teach the key tools and techniques to crack the interview and to handle the corporate problems. These classes also help the students to have the leadership skills and decision-making skills. The students attending those classes will achieve the positive attitudes to face the corporate challenges for optimum solutions.

In the case of Engineering graduates, the students are coming from Bengali medium background suffering for spoken English. Moreover, the engineering students coming from villages are not smart enough to crack those tough interviews of the reputed companies. In the case of West Bengal, most of the students are from Bengali medium background. So, those students are a little bit of shy and not groomed by themselves. Therefore, those students, having well technical knowledge are unable to perform well during the On-Campus or Off-Campus placement processes.

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So, the budding Engineers need to have fluency in English for communication. The students coming from those regional language backgrounds will have to adopt communication skills in English through those classes. Therefore, the students need to attend those classes attentively. That is why nowadays most of the engineering colleges are having compulsory grooming personality development classes on compulsory basis. Here, the students will learn real life problem-solving attitudes. Moreover, the students, attending interactive grooming classes will develop interpersonal skills which are specially required in the corporate world for the progress of the company. The students will also learn the utilization process of technical knowledge.

With these classes, the budding Engineers will achieve the confidence to face the challenges of the job in off-campus also. Besides there grooming and personality development classes, aptitude classes should be there. Because nowadays, companies are coming to engineering colleges to hire fresher by arranging the aptitude tests for the elimination of candidates in very first. So, the students should have strong aptitude skills to overcome the first elimination round. If the students able to crack those aptitude test cut-off, then they can easily go ahead for coming group discussion and interview rounds as they are already groomed to face this challenges.

Therefore, the most important grooming classes apart from the engineering academics will help to design the carrier of the students much.

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