Money Lost in Cyber Crime and Fraud

Now a Days frauds are  targeting  consumers with having a large network by them. They intelligently send SMSs, Emails, Call and telling the customers to contact them to get their desired money. The money they gave are approximately $750,000 and like wise. But did they really give the money to consumers they target?  NO,  Actually they make fake Promises that they will send money Directly to their  Bank Account  and some of the customers give them away the A/C no. and other information and also make a call which cost 25Rs INR. and the customers get cheated. Frauds who promises they thug them and earn money in various these ways.
According to a Survey the Total Money Lost in  2012 is Rs. 28,902,746,502.
  • They also cheat them via giving Jobs Email. as they make a fake same to same any company profile, website, and cheat them that you are selected at that very position and will be giving you this amount. (whatever he amount may be) and take some money as a contract like Rs 10,000 or Rs50,000. etc. and they cheat them. No one can found them and their money where it is.
  • Cyber Crime is now has big network over the internet which they can target you and make you fool so, do confirm for anything. before you pay for that or so.
  • Ignore winning prizes Messages, SMS, Emails etc. directly delete them without reading because it may harm your computer and can target on you files. and also can have your private information etc.  
  • many more things so, Be Aware.
# Please do have a look to the picture given below in which the lost money is analysed in a survey in 2012 & 2011 don’t forget to see the pic.

Be Aware..!!!


Information Covered By-
Yatharth Singh

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