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“Make something cool with us “Design is thinking made visual” Confused by the variety of web design offers – how about a chat? These are some of the viral marketing quotes used by every other web designing company in Mumbai. Very catchy uh? Of course, they are. With these catchy quotes, innovative solutions, bold ideas, and thoughtful creations it is easy to bring in a customer, but it is difficult to make them happy and satisfied.

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web designIf clients are satisfied with your work, they are likely to mull over you for other projects because they trust you, they discern you’re a web-savvy, and you by now have a touch on their businesses. If a web designing company in Mumbai is to follow the same protocols of any other web designing company then they can never ever see words like contentment, satisfactory, fulfilment in their lives. Bottom line the company has to be creative. The company should focus on such creativity that comes from constraints. You can’t depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus. And so we are gonna spoon-feed your imaginations within your focus and help you satisfy your clients and win their trusts!

If you are a web development company in Mumbai or if you are in search of one, the first and foremost thing to be kept on mind is monitoring the competitors. To stay up to speed and to keep updated it is always worthwhile to have someone who keeps an eye on competitors’ websites.

monitoring the competitors

A very common mistake made by any Web development companies in Mumbai is that they monetize everything. ‘Helping’ should be your mantra. After delivering your work and before the actual implementation begins, it may make sense to get input from the client’s customers and target audience. This usability testing can be achieved by surveys, one on one interviews, etc. Suggest handy feedback tools to your clients like to critique me which allows sticking notes about the web. Also, tools like five-minute testing can be used. This testing has to be in the form of memory games. Memory tests show users a web layout for five seconds, then asks them what they remember afterwards. Make a test report and keep your clients happy!

The growth rate of web development companies in Mumbai is increasing day by day. But a very few sustain in giving quality output as they lag maintenance. Such a newbie is in need of training.

Teach them what they need to know to update their site themselves. If you are not interested to sit in a client’s office to train them, make use of the services like WebEx, Yugma, etc.


The web is designed and the analytics code is in place. The site usage is now being tracked. The clients’ precious time is wasted in reviewing the analytics and to interpret what is means. There has to be a bridge between the client and the data created.

Most of the web designing companies in Mumbai complete the deal at the completion of work.   They forget to win their clients. Your clients are beneficial if they have someone to interpret the analytic data and also make suggestions for site improvements.

Some Web designing companies in Mumbai are traditional. Try looking beyond traditional design services. Come up with creative plans. Open your critical eye for what people can do better on their sites. One of the best options is the site analysis service. If you are passionate, you will probably come up with a few non-designs but design related services.

Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in. Do small things, but in a great way. One such thing is to bring in email templates that have the same look and feel as the website. Also, it is beneficial to provide blog management services like managing comments, adding the blog to directories and promoting links

Always revisit your clients’ websites after a stipulated time period. The site has perhaps not been touched since the design, or the client has a new facet of their business, or your design skills have improved since you initially designed the site.

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If you’re feeling the munch, chances are your colleagues are, too. In such cases, it is always advisable to approach another designer or developer to create a partnership. This may find you more success by having two (or even a team) of people marketing a larger service base.

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