Nokia’s Upcoming Metal Body Smartphone



This year has been a number of rumors about Nokia’s smartphone and these have managed to generate a lot of hype among the public. A recent rumor has, however, indicated that Nokia could have three models in the works, one of which would have a metal body.

The leak about the metal bodied Nokia smartphone came in the form of photos which emerged on a chinese social media site. It was then picked up by GforGames, which reported that the photos pointed towards a “boxy form factor”. The leaked photos also showed the upcoming metal phone from Nokia placed next to a Lumia smartphone, which is already in the market.

As soon as this particular rumor about the metal smartphone from Nokia emerged, it was clear that the same device had been spotted earlier this month. However, the previous model had been clearly marked as a prototype while the current model had no such marking. Given that all the mentions of it being a prototype had been removed, it is likely that the model is closer to the point of being released and the leak is genuine.

However, the design of the device is getting a lot of attention, because when viewed from the back, the metal smartphone looks similar to iPhone lineup and has plastic antenna lines, As for the thickness of the device, it is much bigger than that of the Lumia phone, which is positioned at its side. This led many bloggers state that it has a box like appearance when viewed from the side. Other design elements which were spotted on the device included a slot for micro SD card and also one for a SIM tray.


Given that Nokia’s non-compete agreement with Microsoft has ended, it appears likely that the company will re-enter the smartphone market. Nokia, however, never stopped its services. Rumors also indicate that the company might release not one but three devices. One of which could be the plastic bodied Nokia C1, a metal bodied version and possibly another device, which has so far not been featured in leaks.

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