OMG: An IIT Alumni Caught in Harley Davidson Bike Theft


This is very shocking News an IIT Chennai Alumni named Kiran caught red handed in Bike Theft from Hyderabad Harley Davidson Showroom. The IITian caught in Harley Davidson bike Theft from Hyderabad & Caught in Mumbai. A Harley Davidson Bike was Stolen from a Hyderabad Showroom & Police was Searching for thief & the Person behind this Scene.

But Finally, After some days Mumbai Police Caught a Guy named Kiran red handed in Mumbai. According to the Sources & Media the Thief who stole the bike was an IIT Alumni of IIT Chennai. Yes, He was IITian and was working in ONGC which is very renowned Company. The reason behind this theft is not yet clear but this is very shocking that what situation cam that an IITian has took this Decision as he was earning well.

Well, Right now Mumbai Police Handover the IITian thief to the Hyderabad Police for further Investigation. This now a very big problem that where the IITian Tag is now going ? what;s wrong with our Society? what’s wrong with our Education system? what’s your take on this ? let us know in comments below.

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