PM Modi’s Top 15 Action Plan for Startup India, Standup India


Today, on 16th January 2016 PM Narendra Modi launched Startup India, Standup India to encourage Startups in the Country. The Event Startup India, Standup India was organized by Department Of Industrial Policy & Promotion, Government Of India at Vigyan Bhawan, New delhi. Many Startups Entrepreneur, Companies, Founders and big names like SoftBank, Google, Uber witnessed the Event. The Companies VC’s also announced some big investment in India.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the audience at Startup India Event and announced many key points to help startups. He said “if we have millions of problem, then we have billions youth of innovative minds”. He also said “When I heard Ritesh Aggarwal of Oyo Rooms, I thought how a tea seller like me didn’t think of setting up a hotel chain.” Here are the Top 15 Action Plan for startups revealed by Narendra Modi


PM Modi Unveils Top 15 Important Action Plans for Startup India, Standup India.

  1. No Income Tax on profits to Startup for first 3 years

  2. No Capital Gains Tax on Personal Property Sold to Invest in Startup

  3. No Inspection for first 3 years of Startup

  4. Startup Hub will be single point source for information & monitoring

  5. Self-Certificate Compliance for Startups

  6. 80% rebate on filling Patents applications’

  7. Simplifying patent regime & IPR

  8. Exit Policy to be Introduced for Startups

  9. Mobile oriented application form for Startups for fast processing and registration of startup

  10. Funding Support worth Rs 10,000 crore for startups

  11. Govt brought Bankruptcy Bill in dec 2015 for startup Exit in 90 days

  12. Credit Guarantee Fund for Startups

  13. Govt will bring Sector Specific Incubators to support startups across the country

  14. Govt will also bring Policies to help Women Entrepreneur

  15. 5 new bio clusters setup to help biotech sector

Modi Speech at Startup india event

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