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Electronics and Communication Engineering:-

This engineering discipline consist of two different things on engineering that are electronics engineering and communication engineering. The electronics engineering is consists of non-linear and active electrical components (such as semiconductors, transistors , diodes, etc) to design electronics circuits, microprocessors/microcontrollers , devices and system using VHDL program modeling for programmable logic devices and FPGAs.The discipline typically also designs passive electrical component such as PCB(printed circuit boards)

And the communication engineering discipline that brings together all electrical engineering including computer engineering with system engineering to enhance telecommunication system . Communication engineering comes from that it consists of both the wireline (such as telephony system, wireline broadband etc) and wireless communication systems (such as satellite communication , mobile phone communication etc).

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Subjects offered in bachelor’s degree program :-

The subjects are divided into three catagories they are electronics engineering (related to electrical engineering), communication engineering and computer engineering.

Electronics Engineering:-

The subjects offered in this sections are analog circuits, circuit theory, digital electronics vlsi and microelectronics, power electronics , microprocessor and microcontrollers, biomedical engineering, etc .

Communication Engineering :-

The subjects offered in this section are em theory, analog communication , digital communication, r f and microwave , signal and systems , digital signal processing , wireless communication , radar communication , satellite communication , etc .

Computer Engineering :-  

The subjects offered in this section are c programming , java , computer architecture , data structer using c , etc .

There are also few other subjects that are combined of communication Engg. And electronics Engg as well as computer Engg. also.

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Career Option :-

Multiple career paths are available within the realm of electronics communication engineering.  One can decide to go to various parts in ECE dept as mentioned bellow :-

  • Communication Engineer
  • Electronics Engineer
  • Software programmer
  • Electronic communication technician.

Higher study scope :-

After doing bachelors degree program in electronics & communication engineering there are scope available for masters degree and post doctoral degree in a vast field .And research scope in this department is very huge .

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Job opportunity after Bachelors degree program :-

Many private and govt companies  required electronics & communication Engineers  for there various post as electronics engineer , communication engineer , software developer etc

Few private companies those who take EC engineers  are Tata consultancy service (TCS), Wipro, Cognizant technology solutions (CTS),Capgemini , Zenpact , Tata communications , Webel  , Lenovo , IBM , Mu sigma , Intel , etc

Few govt companies those who takes EC engineers are ISRO , DRDO , BHEL ,BEL , Indian Railways ,  Airport Authority of India etc

And there are many other companies who required electronics and communication engineers . Nowadays we are alive with Electronics & Communication Engineering technologies like  television set , internet , mobile set , radio , mp3 player , projectors , led etc are the most vital things that we use in our daily lives that are the gift of EC engineers .

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