Railway Budget 2015: 10 things Engineering student need to cheer about


    Railway Budget 2015 is announced by Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu Today in Parliament, Railway Budget is what every Common man & Engineering student wait for to know what are the changes & Development is going to be made. Engineers Corner is here to with a list of Top 10 Things about Railway Budget 2015  which engineering student need to cheer about. #RailwayBudget2015

    Here are the Top 10 Things Engineering student need to cheer about:

    1. No increase in passenger fares :  Like before this time there is no hike in Passengers Fares this time, which is very good news for a common or for us engineering students.
    2. SMS alert to be introduced for train timings 7 other details to get the alert instantly & Wi-Fi to be available at 400 railway stations. -Railway Budget 2015
    3. We talk about train speed, here is the good news –  The speed passenger trains across nine corridors will be increased to 160-200 km from 110 km
    4. Engineering students always carry laptops, Smartphones & Tablet or other IT Gadgets with them which need to get charged, here is the good news for you –  Mobile charging stations will be introduced general class coaches –  Railway Budget 2015
    5. CCTVs to be introduced in select trains and suburban trains for women safety,  Train Protection Warning System, Train Collision Avoidance System & Toll free number 182 created for security related complaints – Railway Budget 2015
    6. Tickets can be booked 120 days in advance instead of 60 days now, Whoooo Great !!! A better ticketing facilities as IRCTC recently launched Cash On Delivery Tickets too. -Railway Budget 2015
    7. Investment in railways will create jobs and is important for environmental sustainability said “Suresh Prabhu” – The Rail Minister which is a good sign for engineers.
    8. This year 8.5 Lakh crore investment announced for the next 5 years. Also  Toll free number 182 created for security related complaints  said  Railway minister Suresh Prabhu.
    9. This is something great, Now Railway to move to paperless ticketing, Railway Budget 2015 is to introduce hand held device for TTEs. also  To improve cleanliness & design of bed linen by NIFT.
    10. Engineers are always been a Foodie for life so, this is a great news as we are technocrats so you can now book your rail meal from a food chain online even Dominos pizza delivery is also working on trial basis

    So, That’s it what Engineering student & a Common man need to know about the Railway Budget 2015, Well Nullet Trains were not discussed this time in parliament which is what engineers looking for. checkout the below pictures to get more information.

    A Picture of Top 10 Railway Budget Highlight Tweeted to us by CNN-IBN on Twitter
    A Picture of Top 10 Railway Budget Highlight Tweeted to us by CNN-IBN on Twitter



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