Rumors iphone 6 is to be launch in August 2014


A rumor is been circulating all around that iphone 6 which is Apple next SmartPhone with all new features & iOS 7 Release is to be launch in August. We don’t know how much the news is correct, but According to the Reuters  Apple may launch its next iphone Series i.e iphone 6 in the Coming August 2014 before the expected day, Because Apple is going to launch its recent product in the market in august & may also launch iphone 6 concept Smart Phone. Already the iphone 6 Leaked Pictures are moving on internet so people are waiting for the iphone 6 since the launch of iphone 5S & iphone 5C. So, The release Date According to recent update is in August 2014.

Apple iphone 6 full phone specification comes with iOS 7 Operating System, with 13MP Camera, A8 Processor & also 33%m more thinner than iphone 5. Well there is no Offical news from apple about the release of iphone 6 in August 2014. iphone 6 is coming in customized vibrant colors & in 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, 128GB respectively  .iphone Price in india may cost Rs 44,600 16GB. So, Lets see  how much true the news is, well august is not so far.

iphone 6 Leaked Picture

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