ShopClues Connect: Now chat directly with merchants


ShopClues, India’s first and largest managed marketplace now makes it all the more convenient and reassuring to shop from its popular Android app. The brand has introduced a chat feature called ShopClues Connect which connects buyers directly with sellers for added information on product, price and availability. As part of ShopClues’ neighborhood commerce initiative, ShopClues Connect also enables buyers to engage directly with sellers in their vicinity to negotiate delivery timelines, ask for details on warranty, returns etc., leading to optimal customer satisfaction.

Speaking on the launch, Sanjay Sethi, Co-founder and CEO, ShopClues said, “With the ShopClues Connect feature, we have elevated the purchase experience manifold. By connecting with local retailers, buyers get more assurance when making a purchase. The new version will have added dimensions to our ‘bargain’ feature in the future by allowing merchants to create real-time discounts for a buyer and improve the shopping experience as a whole.”

shopclues connect

ShopClues customers can connect through the marketplace’s Android app for now. Buyers receive push notifications on their Android devices when a seller responds to their query. If merchants miss the message on the Store Manager, they will be notified by email about the queries. Sellers can currently chat with the buyer from the chat panel of their Store Manager. Soon, the company will also launch an app for merchants to chat directly from their mobile devices.

Further elaborating on the ShopClues Connect feature, Sanjay said, “Through this feature, customers can now ask for additional product pictures before buying, giving them an added advantage of further appraising the product before purchase. They can also send pictures of the product after delivery to ensure swifter grievance resolution in case of any issue. This helps the shoppers and merchants in gathering all the accurate information to make an informed purchase decision and enhances the overall shopping experience.”

With over 2,50,000+ merchants currently leveraging ShopClues’ platform, the latest development will also empower merchants with direct customer Connect on a real-time basis. By allowing them to reach out to the large pool of online shoppers in their vicinity, ShopClues Connect changes the way customers shop on ShopClues by increasing engagement and trust between buyers and sellers, and can drive higher sales for the merchants.

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