Technology and Its Journey


Technology is the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes or we can say Technology is something that directly related to applied knowledge of Engineering. Technology is now like daily need of humanity. Science friction stories are now turning into realization from the imaginary world. Nowadays people cannot imagine their life without technology and science over day and night. In present era of advanced civilization, Technology achieves superior performance to manual operations.

technology journey


Technology comes from Greek words. The formation of the word Technology is derived in the picture below.

technology origin



History of Technology:

Technology is all about invention of tools and techniques. As technology is applied knowledge of Engineering, history of Technology is directly connected to history of science. It is also connected to the progress of economy. Moreover, history of Technology is similar to the history of humanity.

tech history


In long ago, the technology was not like what today is. Human, in contrast with others species, is able to think systematically and creatively about techniques in determined way. People having the conscious mind, can innovate new things. So, history of Technology covers the whole evolution of humanity.

tech invention

The invention of Wheel makes the progress of evolution faster. As we cannot imagine our life without movement, wheel has most importance for survival of our human life by moving one object from one place to another. The Wheel was discovered around 3000 years ago. It makes easier travel for us. After discovery of wheel, there was revolutionary change in manufacturing industry. Then civilization started with the help of technology.

Progress of Technology in some different field:

 progress technology

  • Electricity:

The principles of electricity generation were invented at 19th century. Then the evolution of technology started to spread in the speed of electrons. In the 20th century, the expansion of power generation and distribution of electricity to people was initiated. And, now the modern plants of 21st century have the remarkable efficiency. So, there occurs a dynamic evolution in the field of Electrical Technology or you can say Electrical Engineering.

electrical engineering

  • Communication:

Like human communication was developed by the invention of languages or speech, communication technologies also developed with the invention of wireless communication. From the ancient, communication progresses from Smoke signal to Smartphone. Invention of satellites makes the communication much faster among any part of the world.  In the era of 21st century, technology reduces its time for communicating from one part of the earth to another into some fraction of milliseconds. Moreover, modern scientists are also communicating to other planet with the help of technology.

  • Education:

To meet the growth of Technology in any country, the education system should be more upgraded. In 21st century, advance technology is rapidly used in modern educational institutions. Advance technological gadgets are being used as aid of education. If we consider about Mathematics, the Logarithm table is replaced by modern scientific calculators which can deliver result of a critical equation in a fraction of second. This helps the students to create new innovation faster and error free. Besides the orthodox method of education, advance audio-visual techniques are introduced that is more attractive to the fellow students and makes easier to understand the hardest topic in study.

  • Environment:

With the development of Technology, somehow the environment is hampered. Here, technology also takes the responsibility to compensate it as much as possible. To prevent the air pollution, the some advance techniques and tools are being used in vehicles. And now in some modern city CNG is being used instead of Petroleum products to prevent pollution. Therefore, in the field of pollution control technology has its major impact. Nowadays Eco-friendly technology is being used everywhere to save our planet. Instead of using conventional energy sources, civilized people now taking energy from natural resources like solar energy, wind energy, etc. which are free energy and pollution free. In future to survive our environment as liveable, we have to adopt technology in major context.

environment engineering

Top Inventions of 21st Century:

Technology is the main key of any country to survive their long-lasting citizen life standard and meet the challenge of others. With growth of technology, advance countries are being more powerful in all fields. As technology taking its journey to the way of infinite, everyone should stay updated for survival in the earth with standard citizen life.

  1. Robotics

  2. Smartphone
  3. Bluetooth & WiFi

  4. Nanotechnology
  5. Artificial Human Parts
  6. Genetic Engineering
  7. Automation

robotics and genetic engineering

automation and smartphone

And, however Engineers are the most important companion of technology for its long-term and endless journey. Big salute to Engineers!!!

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