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Vivaldi – a web browser which is launched in the market just a month ago is a product of Vivaldi technologies, a company launched by the co-founder and the former opera CEO Jon Stephenson Von Tetzchner. He left the Opera organisation in 2011 and started working on a start-up in 2014 which came up as what is now known as the Vivaldi technologies. The product Vivaldi 1.1 is the recent release from their part and is meant for the heavy internet users and surfers who are looking for something revolutionary.
Vivaldi                                                                                     Jon with the Vivaldi logo

Vivaldi Browser

Vivaldi is constructed on the base of technologies like JavaScript, React, Node.js, NPM etc. which has contributed in webbing of the World Wide Web around us. It includes some cool layouts that provides rich browsing experience. Features like quick command which allows user to access your bookmarks, history, settings, open tabs, etc. with just a single keyboard shortcut, tab stack feature which allows user to stack up all your open tabs and clear up the mess that used to occur while handling multiple open tabs in the old web browsers, all these indicates what this browser has in its sleeves!

Vivaldi Browser technology news                                                                            Quick command feature of Vivaldi

It has customized navigation and tab-cycling feature that allows user to control multiple tabs using navigational arrow keys. User will be able to navigate through the web with just a few presses in the keyboard using this feature. It also includes powerful bookmarks and web panel feature that allows users to view webpages on their browser’s sidebar.

The list doesn’t end yet! It allows its user to write notes and to take screenshots while browsing the pages, store URL’S and helps to organize them for using later. It supports rewind and fast forward controls to access web pages viewed in the past. It supports mouse gestures and with all these to offer there is no single reason to doubt why Vivaldi has acquired 1 million users and still counting more after its release.

Vivaldi Browser notes feature                                                                             Notes feature present in Vivaldi

Vivaldi version 1.1 has just been released for the windows, Mac, and Linux desktop users and is still far away from reaching to the Android and smartphones market. They are supposed to come up with a working application for the Android users soon and to add more new features in their upcoming version release 2.0.

Vivaldi is offering more new features as compared with the other web browsers that are already present in the market. Will Vivaldi be able to survive the long run? Let time to unfold that secret, however its worth to take a shot to this new web browser which is at present making a roll!

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