Volkswagen appoints Matthias Mueller as the new CEO


Volkswagen Board appoints Matthias Mueller chief executive of Porsche as the new CEO of Volkswagen. Now, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Volkswagen is Matthias Mueller. As We all know that Ex-CEO Martin Winterkorn who resigned Wednesday over the emissions cheating scandal in Volkswagen cars. Due to the cheating scandal in Volkswagen cars Martin Winterkorn resigned from his position as CEO.

As we all know that Automaker Company Volkswagen cheated 11 million Volkswagen diesel cars and its user around the globe as in that diesel cars were installed with defeat devices to cheat emission tests. as it made the car more polluted. and the investigation the same is going on. well, the automaker company Volkswagen replaces the CEO Martin Winterkorn with Matthias Mueller. Before this Matthias Mueller was CEO of Porsche.

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