Ways of joining the Indian Armed Forces after graduation


Ways of joining the Indian Armed Forces after Graduation.

Why go through the harsh training? Why should I go to far off areas away from my family, friends and stay there for couple of months or even a year or two? This and many more questions usually would pop up in anyone’s mind who might be reading this article right now. Am I correct right? Anyways I hope my following article would be able to quench every query you guys might be having about how to join the Indian Armed Forces after graduation.

We all must have after finishing our high schooling might have heard about the glorious NDA i.e. National Defence Academy that is situated in Khadakwasla, Pune. Few of us might even have applied for it and even given the exam and few lucky ones even might have got selected. But as we got exposed to different spectrum of life after we entered our colleges be it for engineering or graduation we came to know about dream placements which gets us penthouse apartments two-three high end cars, higher studies abroad which can get us even better positions as manager in those MNC’s. But all along this year’s we might have forgotten that one of the foremost and largest employers in India is the Indian Armed forces. So those of us who still have that childhood dream of wearing a uniform and standing against all threats for our country I am happy to show you the way.

There are three ways by which graduates from both technical and non-technical backgrounds are accepted in the Armed Forces of India, them being-

  1. CDS – Combined Defence Services Examination.
  2. UES – University Entry Scheme.
  3. TGC -Technical Graduate Course.

I will start by explaining each of them one by one. First is CDS this is an entrance examination in which graduates from both technical and non-technical background aged – 191/2  to 23 years can appear twice a year, yes this exam takes place twice a year tentatively in months of February and November. It is conducted by Union Public Service Commission of India and you have a choice of joining the Indian Military Academy, Officers Training Academy, Indian Naval Academy, Indian Air Force Academy according to your graduation background. After clearing the examination candidates are interviewed by the Services Selection Board (SSB) and those who clear through this level are enrolled as officers. The notifications for this examination is generally released during months of October  and June so aspirants better be on their toes during this two months.

UES is short for University Entry Scheme which is for enrolling pre final year and final year students from engineering colleges. What happens is that a committee from Armed Forces will be visiting few select engineering colleges all around the country and they have a seminar where they explain the pros and cons of joining the Indian Army and Navy, yes UES is exclusively for joining the Army and Navy only. So after the seminar students are asked to enrol and accordingly interviews are scheduled if you are selected based on few preliminary rounds consisting of group discussion or written paper depending on the process. So after the whole process in finished you are called to appear in front of the SSB and if selected you are hold the post of technical officer at the beginning of the commission.

TGC is applications can be filled during the months of May/June and October/November are held twice a year and are for Technical Graduate Course held at IMA Dehradun for the Indian Army. Students of final year of their engineering and candidates who have also passed out from their engineering colleges can appear for this course. No written paper is held based on your merit through school and college you are shortlisted and directly called for SSB.

My article was primarily to inform the readers about the ways of joining the Indian Armed forces but if I might also add that I would like to convey the question of “why join the Indian Armed Forces?” Trust me when I say this people who think this is just another job with a salary but only with the risk of harm to yourself are wrong and don’t understand the very concept of this courses that allow us to join the Armed Forces. India being a democracy wouldn’t just make the citizens forcibly enlist in the Armed Forces so they conduct this examinations which we have total choice of whether appearing for them or not. People need to understand this that joining the defence services is not only a duty of capable Indian citizen but an honour also. It’s a lifestyle choice that define those who have the opportunity to be part of this unrivalled and unmatched organisation.

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