What is the Career Growth & Promotion Opportunities in SSC CGL?


As the SSC CGL 2020 application process has already been done, some of the applicants might be interested to know about the career growth and promotion of their opted posts. During the filling of registration form, each candidate is required to select the posts in the order of preference. Thus, it becomes important for everyone to study each job profile under SSC CGL recruitment. Detailed information regarding promotions and career growth under each post has been provided below.

Career Growth Overview | SSC CGL

The tabular information below indicates the career path of each job profile.

Name of Post1st Promotion2nd Promotion3rd PromotionHighest Level
Assistant Audit OfficerAudit OfficerSenior Audit OfficerDeputy Accountant GeneralSenior Deputy Accountant General
AppraiserAssistant CommissionerDeputy CommissionerCommissioner
Income Tax Inspector (CBDT)Tax OfficerAssistant CommissionerDeputy CommissionerCommissioner
Assistant in Ministry of External AffairsFor first promotion, an employee has to obtain at least 8 years of experience and clear the departmental exam
(Central Excise)
SuperintendentAssistant CommissionerDeputy CommissionerCommissioner
Inspector- CBEC
(Preventive Officer)
SuperintendentAssistant CommissionerDeputy CommissionerCommissioner
Assistant Enforcement Officer Enforcement OfficerAssistant DirectorDeputy DirectorDirector
(Central Vigilance Commission)
Sectional OfficerUndersecretaryDeputy SecretaryDirector
Assistant in AFHQSection OfficerDeputy DirectorJoint DirectorDirector
Assistant in Ministry of Railway Sectional OfficerUndersecretaryDeputy SecretaryDirector
Assistant in Intelligence BureauSectional OfficerUndersecretaryDeputy Secretary
Assistant Section Officer
Section OfficerUnder SecretaryDeputy SecretaryDirector
InspectorDeputy SuperintendentSuperintendentSenior Superintendent
(Other Ministries)
Section OfficerUnder SecretaryDeputy Secretary
Divisional Accountant
Divisional Account Officer IIDivisional Account Officer ISr. Divisional Account Officer
Superintendent of NarcoticsAssistant Narcotics CommissionerDeputy NarcoticsNarcotics Commissioner
(Other Ministries)
Time of promotion varies from one organization to another
Sub-Inspector in National Investigation AgencyInspectorDeputy SuperintendentSuperintendent
Statistical Investigator Senior Statistical OfficerAssistant DirectorDeputy DirectorJoint Director
(Department of Post)
Assistant SuperintendentPostal SuperintendentSenior Superintendent
(GP: 5400)
Senior Superintendent
(GP: 6600)
(Central Bureau of Narcotics)
InspectorSuperintendent of NarcoticsAssistant Narcotics CommissionerDeputy Narcotics Commissioner<< Narcotics Commissioner
Senior AuditorAssistant Audit Officer
Tax Assistant
Senior Tax Assistant << Excise Inspector << Superintendent/ Appraiser << Assistant Commissioner << Deputy Commissioner << Joint Commissioner << Additional Commissioner of Income Tax
Accountant/ Junior Accountant
(Officers under C&AG)
Senior AccountantAssistant Accounts OfficerPrincipal Accounts OfficerSenior Accounts Officer
Senior Secretariat Assistant AssistantSection Officer
CompilerAfter attaining an experience of 7-8 years, a compiler shall be promoted to the post of Director of the department

Promotion Overview (Post-wise)| SSC CGL

Assistant Audit Officer

  • This is the job with highest grade-pay and in-hand salary.
  • The highest level of promotion is Senior Deputy Accountant General.

Inspector (Examiner)

  • First promotion will be after 3 years of service on same post.
  • The highest level of promotion is Commissioner.

Income Tax Inspector (CBDT)

  • An employee working as an Income Tax Inspector can avail promotion after completing 8 years of service.

Assistant in Ministry of External Affairs

First promotion can be availed after 8 years of experience at an Assistant post. Plus, the designated employee needs to clear the departmental exam.

Inspector-CBEC (Central Excise)

After you complete 8 years as an inspector under Central Excise, you shall be eligible for promotion.

Inspector- CBEC (Preventive Officer)

An employee who has completed 8 years of service and cleared departmental exam is eligible for the promotion.

Assistant Enforcement Officer

  • An employee performing exceptionally well will be eligible for promotion.
  • There is no fixed promotion period for this post.

Assistant (Central Vigilance Commission)

For first promotion, it is mandatory to complete 7-8 years of service in same domain.

Assistant in AFHQ

By the time you retire, you can avail four promotions.

  • First promotion can be availed after 4 years
  • 2nd promotion after 6 years of first promotion
  • 3rd promotion after 5 years of 2nd promotion
  • The highest level promotion after another 5 years.

Assistant in Ministry of Railway

First promotion can be availed after 5-6 years by clearing the departmental exam. Otherwise, it will take you 7-8 years of continuous service to avail the first promotion.

Assistant in Intelligence Bureau

The highest level post is Deputy Secretary.

Assistant Section Officer (CSS)

  • 1st promotion after completion of 5 years of service and clearing departmental exam
  • First Promotion without clearing the departmental exam will take you 10 years
  • Second promotion can be availed after 4 years of 1st promotion.

Sub-Inspectors (CBI)

  • Promotion to Inspector: After 5 years of service
  • 2nd promotion can be availed after 10-12 years of 1st promotion
  • 3rd promotion can be availed after 5-7 years.

Assistant (Other Ministries)

The highest level post is that of a Deputy Secretary.

Divisional Accountant (CAG)

The highest level post under this is Sr. Divisional Account Officer

Inspector (Narcotics)

With experience, you can reach the top-most post ‘Narcotics Commissioner’.

Sub-Inspector in National Investigation Agency

Promotion period depends on department or organization

Statistical Investigator

Promotion periods are too long. Therefore, the growth is slower.

Inspector (Department of Post)

First promotion can be availed after clearing departmental exam.

Auditor (C&AG/ CGDA/ CGA)

  • 1st promotion can be availed after completion of 3 year.
  • 2nd promotion will be after 2 years of 1st promotion. For 2nd promotion, one has to crack the departmental exam.

Tax Assistant (CBEC/ CBDT)

  • For 1st promotion, one has to serve 3 years as an entry-level employee.
  • 2nd promotion will be after 3-4 years of 1st promotion.

Accountant/ Junior Accountant (Officers under C&AG)

  • 1st promotion can be availed after 3 years of service as an entry-level accountant.
  • For 2nd promotion, the applying candidate has to clear AAO exam.
  • 3rd promotion can be availed after 15 years of clearing AAO.

Senior Secretariat Assistant

  • 1st promotion can be availed after completion of 5 years of service.
  • For 2nd promotion, you can apply after 6-7 years of 1st promotion.


Less chances of promotion

With aforementioned information, you can go through the post-wise promotion and career-growth under SSC CGL.

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