What not to do after 10th


What not to do after 10th

For those serious about taking engineering as their career!

Soon after the 10th board exams are over, you come out of your examination hall with a sigh of relief that it’s finally over… but it’s not. Hawkers distribute you several pamphlets regarding colleges, coaching classes and private tuition’s… Parents are seen discussing whether their son wants to go for Medical or Engineering.. These things are suddenly new to you and it’s obvious that anybody will get bamboozled.

Let’s face it: career making is not a cup of tea, and I’ve seen a lot of my friends go down during the crucial 11-12th period. As having seen a lot of examples, I’d like to share my views about what to do and what not to do, once you’re beginning your 11th standard.

Myths and Realities:

1.  Myth: Life’s all good after 10th… That’s what my parents told me before my 10th board.

Reality: Welcome to the toughest journey of your life. I’m warning you, in these two years, you are going to be grilled to the maximum extent of your brain till it fries down and turns black. The sudden increase in the course (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics or Biology) is so huge that you’ll take a lot of time to get acquainted with it. If you’re among the majority, i.e. average to above-average student in the class, there are going to be a few things that you’re going to miss while the tutor is teaching. That will carry on until one day, you realise.. You’ve no idea what’s being taught in the class. Forget about individual attention unless you’re getting private tuitions or you really want to stay late for the tutor to finally find some time out for you. The pressure to perform along with the vast course, half of which seems undecipherable, adds up so much that many guys give up hope and become escapists… i.e. turn to alcohol, drugs and the like.

Relax. Two years is a long time. And it’s the same for everybody; all are in the same race. Bit by bit, one by one, you can conquer each and every subject. All you need is dedication and a structured plan. And do stick to it.

2.      –  Myth: I should join this particular coaching institute, because it claims to have produced 20 IITians and 50 NITians. No wonder it’s a good investment.

Reality: Coaching classes account for 20 percent of your success.. your own preparation and dedication accounts the most. Many parents are seen spending a lot of money on sending their children to “That reputed coaching class which produced so and so result.” If that be the case, then it should produce 50 IITians at least, going by the logic. What matters is how you face the challenge in these 2 years ahead of you. Smart guys/girls will perform anywhere, no matter what.


Don’t always go by college/coaching class repute. Understand and realize that it all depends on YOU and how you utilize the time available to you.

 3.      –Myth: I’ll start studying seriously from 12th standard; meanwhile I can go chilling for the time being.

Reality: If you ever fall into this “lazy trap”, please get out of it ASAP. Science may look fun, but it’s about the entrance exams and the millions of students whom you’re going to compete against. If you want to end up in the top notch institutes like the IITs or AIIMS, if you want to be among the elites, then you have to stop dreaming and start working REAL, REAL HARD. 11th and 12th science is more analytical side, backed up by the entrance exams.. Unlike rote memorization skills that helped you till 10th, here you really need to work out problems from a methodical point of view.


Self-study is the best study, like they say, self-help is the best help. Practice this mantra within these two years. It will help you in the long run!

4.      –Myth: A mobile phone is all I need in college to be cool.

Reality: A mobile phone is the biggest ruinous and catastrophic element one can ever have in 11-12th. (From personal experience as well) We get so addicted to texting/browsing internet/Facebook with our cell-phones, that we lose track of time, as well as the classes that are going on at the background. And by the time you realize it’s too late… Yes, it’s already too late. As I said, the extra pressure in these two years makes us escapists and mobile phones with their devilish small screens give us the perfect opportunity for that.


I’d say, since it’s too difficult not to install apps in a smartphone, please sacrifice it for the time being, because it’ll end up in doing more harm that any good at all. DO NOT get a mobile phone. It is the single most devastating reason for maximum cases of students having a drastic change on their performance. Try to find workarounds.

5.      –Myth: If I don’t get into IITs, it’s the end of my life.

Reality: IITs are not the end of life. Nor are the NITs. There are always going to be ample opportunities to show your talent and expertise, no matter whichever institute you join. Do your research about the colleges that fits you and your interests. Get informed about the like from your peers, seniors, relatives and acquaintances.

Be sure of what you’ll be going to do in the next 4 – 5 years. Make sure the inspiration comes from within you and not because someone else is doing it.


If you need any help regarding doubts and queries specific to this, feel free to email me at sidhantchand@gmail.com

About Sidhant Chand  : He is  a travel lover, philosopher, artist and foodie.. Studying in a National institute in final year, and living life moment by moment.

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