What’s wrong with Indian TV Serials these Days ?


Today, we are going to review the Indian TV Serials, Seriously what’s wrong with Indian TV Daily Soaps these days. TV serials like sasural simar ka, thapki pyar ki, naagin etc are such a crap show which are on AIR. that’s why the young generation is watching Youtube more than the TV. I Don’t know how these shows get the audience, i think the audience audience is very emotional and taking this very seriously.

Sasural Simar Ka – Ch*#yapa Duniya bhar ka

sasural simar ka siyapa

Seriously this is a most epic ch*#yapa on TV. This TV serial just crossed all the limits of Ch*##panti on Television these days. I mean who watches these stupid serials ? for whom the makers of the show are making these shits. Sasural Simar Ka is giving tough competition to other TV Serials like thapki pyar ki and nagin. In this show you will see how women become a makkhi to take revenge. “WTF is wrong with you guys” ? Where the F*#k is creative director ?

Thapki Pyar Ki – A Pure Nautanki

thapki pyar ki gorilla nautanki

So, This is a very fresh news from the Daily TV soaps. “Thapki Pyar Ki” got a new twist in it’s latest episode. Thapki just got in love with a gorilla  and according to media reports Thapki will bring a gorilla home, which will create a mess in the house and Balvinder (Jairup Jeevan) and Vasu will try to aid one another. So another love triangle is in making and it is beyond stupidity.

Naagin Nautanki 

Naagin Nautanki

Well, this show has a highest TRP, Shocked ? but that’s true i mean who the hell watch this crap in 21st century. I think the only reason Naagin is famous and getting high TRP just because of Mouni Roy. well, this show is now off air but soon it’s season 2 is coming soon on colors. Oh No !!

Well, What’s your take on this ? Do you like the above TV Serials ? Drop your comment below.

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