Which Exam Has Replaced Oracle 1Z0-051 and How to Boost Your SQL Developer Career Now?


SQL language

The Structured Query Language, SQL, is an open-source programming language used to handle and manage the activity of databases. Sorting, creating, adding, updating data, etc. within a database can be done effectively with SQL. Databases have become a major part of the functionality of a company regardless of the scale at which it operates.

Advantages of being SQL literate

At the core, databases are the things that keep an organization intact with its employees and clients hence the accuracy, efficiency, speed, and reliability is crucial for the success of a business. This is why there is a need for SQL developers and administrators who have relevant and up to date skills. According to a survey conducted by Indeed.com SQL was ranked number one as the programming language that had the most number of job postings (above 100,000).

Oracle SQL Exam

Getting certified by Oracle

Oracle Database is the world’s leading and most popular database software. Oracle has come up with the most revolutionary products in the field of the database. A few of these include; Database 19c, Database security management, SQL, Data Guard, and plenty more. SQL in Oracle Database is the main language to interact with the database software and applications and allows you to carry out the basic functions required in the database. It can be considered as the brain of the database. Apart from its products and services Oracle has earned a lot of recognition for its line of certification. Through their certification, they have been able to successfully meet the industry requirements for SQL developers and validate the fundamental skills of a professional Visit Website .

1Z0-051 Exam Overview

1Z0-051 exam was retired on April 30, 2018, but it’s still available in the Japanese language. As for other languages, it has been replaced by other up to date and more relevant exam, still it was an integral part of several Oracle Database certifications such as:

  • Oracle Database 11g Administrator Certified Associate
  • Oracle PL/SQL Developer Certified Associate
  • Oracle Database 12c Administrator Certified Associate

Most of the above certifications do not accept 1Z0-051 anymore instead they have introduced the 1Z0-061 as the replacement exam for SQL Fundamentals.

The major components assessed by 1Z0-051 include:

  • Restricting and Sorting Data
  • Using Select Function
  • Group Functions
  • Conversion Functions and Conditional Expressions
  • Set Operators
  • Manipulating Data
  • Using DDL Statements

With minor redactions from the above-mentioned topics the replacement exam 1Z0-061 consists of the following additional components in its content:

  • Using DML Statements
  • Using Joines

The above-mentioned topics are just a few major elements of the exam, for more information, I suggest you take a look at the official exam page. The Oracle 1Z0-061 is a 120-minute test consisting of 75 multiple-choice questions. The passing score for the exam is 65%. This exam is to be retired on November 30, 2019.

Prospective Job roles and pay rates

Once you successfully pass 1Z0-051 or any other corresponding replacement exam offered by Oracle you are able to obtain accreditation for your skills in SQL fundamentals. I already mentioned the three certifications that use 1Z0-051 to verify the potential of candidates, by obtaining them you are likely to satisfy one or more of the job specifications of the following key roles in the industry:

  • Database Administrator – The job role mainly involves monitoring system performance, implementing new hardware, technology and products, and carrying out security practices. The pay scale lies in the range of $73k-$128k per year.
  • System Analyst – The job role mainly involves handling critical customer issues and provide technical advice and recommendations to solve these problems. The average salary per year is about $66,026.
  • Data Engineer – Involves data warehousing, archiving, modeling and presenting relationships in data, etc. The salary highly depends on the level of experience and the scale of the company you work for.
  • Oracle Database Developer – Job will typically expect you to be able to provide technical guidance to database and software engineers, troubleshoot defects and provide solutions, and collaborate with engineering teams. Job salary lies in the range of $68.8k-$116k per year.

Tips and Tricks to pass 1Z0-051

Here I’d like to share a list of top tips and tricks that you could deploy to achieve a high score at the exam.

  • The 1Z0-051 is a test of your SQL fundamental programming skills, so you need to make sure you’ve got the basics covered. There’s plenty of SQL courses offered online and good quality YouTube tutorials that cover the content.
  • If you’ve just started out on SQL then you should start making it a habit of using it daily. Understanding exceptions, error messages, how data types work, functions that make life easier, are learned by experience and will prove to be valuable at the exam.
  • Incorporate exam dumps into your practice sessions to make them more effective. Exam dumps by PrepAway have received a lot of positive reviews and are known to be verified by IT experts. An added advantage is the ability to run these exam files in an Exam Simulator thereby generate questions in the actual exam interface. I recommend using this feature as it will help you control exam pressure and improve your performance with instant feedback.
  • Get involved in forums dedicated to Oracle SQL and even StackOverflow is a helpful resource you can utilize to ask questions and discuss exam content. These platforms are also great opportunities to meet professionals with similar passions, experts in the field, and to receive career advice, etc.


Passing 1Z0-051 or the relevant replacement exam will lead to verifying your SQL fundamental skills. The SQL language has the largest job availability among all programming languages hence you’ll be entering a sea of opportunities. The Oracle 1Z0-051 test is a core part of several reputed Oracle Certifications so if you manage to jump this hurdle you too can attain new career heights.

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