LSAT: Your Gateway in Becoming a Lawyer


Lawyers are some of the world’s well-known professionals. These people are key instruments in providing equal opportunity among individuals in need of legal assistance. And if you’re interested in becoming one, you need to answer this question―are you ready for an extensive series of gruelling recitations, thousands of case studies, and tons of difficult exams?

If your answer is yes for all questions, then you can now head to the initial step of becoming a lawyer―the LSAT or the Law School Admission Test.

The Importance of LSAT

First things first, LSAT is designed for undergraduates who want to polish and validate their expertise in laws and regulations. And before you can put your dreams of becoming a lawyer into a reality, you need to pass the initial stage. LSAT is offered by law schools in the US, Canada, and some other countries as an admission test for individuals eyeing to get into law school.

LSAT is the only test accepted for admission purposes by all law schools accredited by the American Bar Association. Further, this is also the admission test utilized by some Canadian law schools. And though there are other law school admission tests, LSAT is still highly recommended because this gives you a higher chance of entering your dream law school. One of the significant reasons for such advantage is because LSAT is offered by the reputable LSAC or Law School Admission Council. This international non-profit organization is a key group in promoting and supporting equal and quality access in law and education through their world-renowned services.

A Preview of the LSAT topics

Crafted to weigh and validate the core skills needed in law schools, LSAT covers topics such as logical reasoning, reading comprehension, and analytical reasoning. Even with only three topics, the entire exam is composed of 5 sections, which means that there will be two sections for logical reasoning, one each for reading comprehension, analytical reasoning, and a variable or unscored section. Normally, the variable section is considered as the way to evaluate new test questions. However, you will not be informed as to what particular section is unscored; hence you need to give equal effort in answering all questions. The lowest score you can get is 120, while the highest one is 180. To be admitted to most law school, you need to get 160-170 points.

Do take note that apart from the 5 sections, LSAT requires you to answer a writing segment. This section gives you a decision problem with two courses of action. And from there, you need to choose one and defend your choice accordingly.

Even if this section is unscored, you should still answer it properly because this will be sent to your preferred law schools as a way to assess your argumentative proficiency. Through this, law schools can evaluate the level of your reasoning, organization, and clarity, along with language usage and writing system.

LSAT Format and Time Duration

All 5 sections are made up of multiple choice questions. You are given 35 minutes to answer and complete each section. Additionally, the writing section is another 35 minutes. So, all in all, the LSAT time duration is 3 hours and 30 minutes.

LSAT Preparation Guide and Resources

Since LSAT is a long, challenging exam, preparation plays a crucial part. There’s no such thing as an overnight achievement. So, you should create a timetable to ensure that you tackle all subjects comprehensively. Include in your schedule a time for practice tests. Practice exams give you a chance to assess your readiness and polish areas that need improvement.

  • Official LSAT SuperPrep II

The Official LSAT SuperPrep II is considered as the most valuable LSAT reference materials as it features everything you need to learn about the exam. This all-in-one prep book comes with various practice tests as well as sample reading items, logical explanations, and analytical tips. More than that, this book also provides you with significant test-taking guidelines and score-conversion tables.

  • Other LSAT Prep Books and eBooks

There are also other high-quality LSAT Prep Books and eBooks provided by LSAC. Some of which are the Official LSAT Handbook, The Next 10 Actual, Official LSAT PrepTests, and 10 More Actual, Official LSAT PrepTests. All these materials are very much helpful in familiarizing and understanding all the exam subjects. Plus, these are created by trustworthy test writers and are priced reasonably.

  • PrepAway’s Sample Exams

After maximizing the provided LSAC resources, don’t miss PrepAway. A sought-after website for exam dumps, PrepAway is the best way to fully comprehend each topic through practice questions with answer keys. PrepAway’s sample exams for LSAT are not your so-so prep materials; these are all quality and updated files gathered into one LSAT Premium Bundle. This bundle consists of three products that correspond to the three main topics―logical reasoning, reading command, and analytical thinking. Grab this bundle at the reduced price, just for $44.98 now, and enjoy practicing the test. Note, that it’s opened on the ETE Exam Simulator – a great tool to get the insight of what is waiting for you at the real exam.

The Era of Digital LSAT

This July 2019, LSAT will be accessed using efficient tablets instead of physical booklets. This gives utmost convenience to both exam takers and LSAC in answering the questions and tallying the scores. The digital LSAT features the same sections of multiple-choice exams. For the writing section, this will be answered separately via a secured and safe testing platform.

With the new changes, no more hassle paper answer sheets. You simply just tap your answers on the tablet’s screen. Plus, this allows you to manage your time properly because of the five-minute warning timer. This also includes a flagging feature, which gives you the option to revisit questions that you are unsure of. And for your convenience, LSAC provides tips and tutorials of the digital LSAT so that you’ll be confident when taking the real exam.


If you’ve always wanted to be a lawyer, do great in your LSAT. It’s because LSAT is your gateway to law school. So, start preparing and practicing for your LSAT and unlock your coveted profession as soon as possible. Use the most updated exam dumps from PrepAway, train hard and you’ll win! Wish you luck!

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