Which is the Most Dangerous City in India ? Here is the Answer


In India many people move to big metro cities for their living but before we move & settle down we must know whether we are taking good Decision or not. The Only question in our mind comes Which is the Most Dangerous City in India ? Well Here is your answer  – According to the data released by the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) this year the Most Dangerous City in India is Delhi. yes, you read it right with the most polluted city in the world Delhi is also the most dangerous city in India with the most crime records.

dangerous city in india

According to NCRB Delhi has the most 1,39,707 criminal cases, while Mumbai has 40,361 criminal cases & Bengaluru is the 3rd most dangerous city in India with 31,892 criminal cases registered last year. In this crime records registered cases include kidnapping, murders, sexual harassment, cheating, dowry death, child rapes etc. This is not shocking about Delhi but the shocking is the IT city of India Bengaluru is also now in the list of 3rd Most Dangerous City in India.

Well we all know Delhi is also known as the rape capital of india as many rape cases was registered in Delhi. But whatever it is the more the dangerous city it is people will still live there because of the employment at these places whether it is the Dil waali ki “Delhi”, the dream city “Mumbai” or the IT hub Bengaluru people will still go there

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