Which Smart Phone to Buy ? Google New Tool “Pick My Android” Will help you


    Google launched its all new tool to help to  Find the Android phone for you With many Android phones to choose from, But  Google New Tool “Pick My Android” is a great place to start. You have to only Answer three or more quick questions, and Google will  suggest phones just for you. This new Google Tool will Help many People who are confused to buy a Smart Phone and have question in their mind  Which Smart Phone to Buy.

    How to Use this Tool “Pick My Android”:-

    •  Just Click on the Get Started Button to Start.
    • Answer Some Easy Questions like as shown in picture below like You new android Phone is for Takinf Photos, Playing Games, Watching Videos or Talking.
    • After Selecting You have to answer some question like How much do you use Camera? You want camera for selfies? or for high quality photos.

    In Below Picture you have to answer some question to get the phone suggestion by Google which phone you should buy.

    Google Android Tool



    after this you will get the Phone suggestion from Google as shown in picture Below.
    CLICK HERE to use Google all new Tool “Pick My Android”

    Pick my Android


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