Wrong Branding of TATA NANO as a cheapest car, difficult to overcome tough times.

The Tata Group Chairman Ratan Tata was come up with a India’s cheapest car with a Project Tata Nano. in the Range of One Lac Rupees. Ratan Tata has dream to bring such kind of car like NANO. so, that every man in india having a dream of buying a car can buy this. A small family is also a suited for the tata nano car.

In an Interview The Strategy Expert Jack Trout Said that the Tata Group done a wrong Branding, Advertising & marketing of the Tata nano car due to this the nano car may be go in loss. As Ratan Tata has done a wrong Branding of Tata Nano by Saying in a Press conference that this is the Cheapest car in india ever. and as we all know that in india no one wants to be less than any one. all of us want to be much more rich then our neighbour or friends So, in india we show off that we don’t have any cheap car or anything. that’s the problem which will effect the selling of nano car.

As per the Sources of tata group every month now we use to manufacture and sell 2600 nano car every month earlier the graph was much higher but no one is hunger to buy a Tata Nano car.

The Tata Group is now in mood to change the entire look of tata nano. They are going to make a Change in the Nano car with some awesome & Attractive design to get their trust & Branding back.

Yatharth Singh
Engineers Corner


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