Airbelt !!! Even SUPERMAN can’t resist !!!


Now, even SUPERMAN cannot resist himself from wearing a seat belt. Technology has made wearing seat belts so comfortable that even SUPERMAN and BATMAN will begin to use one. The company Rich Park has introduced a compact weightless comfortable “AIRBELT”.


The general protection system in a sedan is such that the air bags expand protecting you from head injuries. However, the space occupied is comparatively large and in some sedans the airbag has to be worn across which is quite uncomfortable.

Whereas airbelt is so handy that it can be removed and carried over to WWF matches to protect yourself 🙂

The idea of AIRBELT was conceived and developed by Rich park. Since, airbelt is wearable the motorcycle riders can wear them easily without sacrificing their comfort. Airbel

Rich Park has come up with the idea of wearable airbag called  AIRBELT, it’s a new protection system that protects its user’s body. Since it’s a wearable device, motorcycle riders can wear them to increase their safety without sacrificing the comfort of riding the vehicle.

a light weight protection system

It’s a smart way to protect motorbike driver from injuries in the event of accident such as spinal injuries, breaking bones, etc. In most of the bike protection systems, it was difficult to protect the rider as the racer would be separated from the bike in the accident. Racers! You can now happily race and make any number of hits to show your heroism and win you girlsss heart 😉

How does airbelt work ?

The Airbelt automatically inflates during the impact to protect most of the user’s body with an airbag, it can also be used as children’s car seat belt to protect them.

The ends of the belt clip can be clipped onto the seat belt. Hence, the cars need not be designed with extra airbag safety system in the future.  The closeness of AIRBELT to the user provides extra safety. This can be attached to any car seat belts, in the front or the back of the car.

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